I believe in the classic simplicity of a cake and in “less is more”.  Many of my designs are inspired by the outdoors, often incorporating fresh flowers, fruit or foliage.
How to choose the right wedding cake

And when it comes to your wedding cake, I believe that its taste and quality are just as important as how it looks. I make a huge range of flavours. You can choose from classics like carrot, lemon or chocolate (our Devil’s Food chocolate cake has won rave reviews) or be more adventurous with spiced orange or lime and mint Mojito cake. It’s really up to you! Cake flavours can be combined with different types of frosting, soaks and even texture or crumb layers to create something really special.

Naked wedding cake with berries. Cottonwood Bakery

When designing your wedding cake, I offer as much of my time as is necessary to get a complete picture of your big day and provide a creative and unique cake. Hopefully you will see how passionate I am about creating cakes that look striking and taste amazing!


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